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        • Application Center

          Domestic waste crushing
          Intelligent environmental protection ? Energy saving and low consumption ? Large crushing ratio
          Vegetable market (fruit and vegetable) waste crushing
          Vegetable market (fruit and vegetable) waste crushing
          Crushing of industrial and hazardous wastes
          Disposal of mixed materials ? Intelligent monitoring ? Stable and reliable
          Large (sofa mattress) garbage crushing
          Intelligent operation and maintenance ? Dust free operation ? Automatic production
          Pay attention to product quality and after-sales service to ensure the investment value of customers
          We are committed to the development and research of blades in the recycling industry, constantly research and develop cutting-edge waste crusher technology, and focus on environmental problems and solid waste recycling solutions

          Product Center

          Excellent manufacturing and assured supply
          Consultation hotline: 0553-6762666. Anhui Yuzhuo Machinery Co., Ltd. welcomes you to consult and looks forward to your cooperation!
          Advanced equipment ? ? Strong technical force
          Quality assurance ? ? Rich product categories
          Save worry and effort ? ? One stop service
          Free Delivery ? ? Improve after-sales service
          Guide material selection ? ? Whole process technical tracking
          What is the main difference between single shaft shredder and double shaft shredder?
          What causes the occasional vibration of the double shaft shredder
          These factors in the shredder should be checked as soon as possible
          What is the reason for the blockage of the feed inlet of the shredder?

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