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        • Waste derived fuel crushing (rdfrpf)

          When waste is used as fuel in industrialization, it is generally called waste derived fuel (RDF), which is widely used in cement plants, power plants, steam boilers and other industries to replace coal or natural gas to save energy costs.

          In recent years, more and more attention has been paid to the recycling of waste and sludge. Both waste and sludge have a certain calorific value, and the heat energy released by their combustion can be recycled. The research focus at home and abroad is resource utilization, that is, forming a solid fuel to realize the resource treatment of solid waste. RDF processing and production technology is to firstly crush domestic waste, sort out combustibles, add additives for drying, and then extrude them into granular RDF fuel.

          Yuzhuo crushing system:

          RDF raw materials mainly come from domestic waste, industrial waste, organic waste, etc; It contains waste paper, plastic film, hard plastic, metal, glass, wood, rubber and other substances. The crushing of this kind of high mixing material has high requirements for crushing technology; The long-term stable operation of the crusher requires alloy cutting tools with excellent performance and high reliability of the whole machinery. This kind of crushing requires that the machine can handle both rigid and ductile materials, such as metal and plastic.

          Obtaining high-quality RDF requires the following steps:

          1. Coarse crushing;

          2. Sorting (wind sorting and bouncing sorting);

          3. Fine crushing;

          4. Drying and pressing.

          Yuzhuo has 10 years of crushing technology and practical experience, and has a course of targeted research in the field of RDF crushing. We have the domestic advanced RDF coarse crusher and RDF fine crusher, which meet the crushing requirements of RDF, greatly simplify the RDF treatment process and realize the economic and ecological value.

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