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        • Large (sofa mattress) garbage crushing

          Major waste disposal problems:

          Arbitrarily discarded, inconvenient for collection and transportation, space occupied by landfill, and difficult to recycle.

          Yuzhuo solution:

          One stop conveyor + crusher + sorter + dust removal equipment. Solve the transportation problems, recycle the crushed materials and realize resource utilization.

          Resource utilization:

          ① Fabric leather wood to fuel

          ② Scrap iron wire can be remelted


          ① Improve landfill utilization

          ② Reduce compression vehicle load

          ③ Improve the appearance of the city


          ① Revenue from fuel sales

          ② Save transportation costs

          Characteristics of large waste crushing and treatment system

          ※ tools imported from Europe, broken metal does not break

          ※ the tool can be repaired by surfacing to reduce the use cost

          ※ driven by imported hydraulic system, both forward and reverse rotation can be broken

          ※ imported hydraulic motor, maximum working pressure 35MPa

          ※ multiple crushing modes to achieve greater crushing efficiency

          ※ the system is controlled by constant power to automatically reduce the speed and increase the torque

          ※ the bearing has four seals, which is suitable for complex working conditions

          ※ Siemens PLC automatic control to realize overload protection

          ※ the whole vehicle is fed directly to save front-end transportation, reduce labor intensity and reduce personnel investment

          ※ large torque output, which can adapt to the crushing of different materials

          ※ closed dust removal to improve the working environment

          ※ self unloading iron remover to realize automatic iron removal

          ※ centralized automatic control, safe and simple operation

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