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        • How much is the plastic Shredder? What models are available

          We produce what customers need. Customers need equipment with novel technology and cheap price? We will continue to focus on improvement, product upgrading, and always maintain the "one is also the wholesale price" to benefit customers.

          Many customers call to inquire about how much is the plastic Shredder? What is the output? In this small series, we always remind customers not to worry. What is your output requirement? What is the main material size? Then we will answer the customer's questions one by one.

          There are 500, 600, 800, 1000, 1200 and 1500 types of plastic shredders. The models are different and the prices are different. They range from 30000 to 150000, and the output is also different. What kind of machine to choose depends on your capital budget and output requirements. Tens of thousands of investment, you can start to make money!

          working principle:

          Structure and working principle of plastic shredder the structure of plastic biaxial plastic shredder is relatively simple. Its transmission process is: the motor drives the main shaft passing through the shredding chamber through the belt pulley, so that the knife rotates with the tool holder body connected with the main shaft. The waste plastic entering the shredding chamber is broken by the shear action of rotating knife and fixed knife, and then filtered through the screen and falls into the material box (or hopper car).

          Scope of application:

          The plastic shredder is suitable for all plastics such as mineral water bottles, PET bottles, oil bottles, gasoline bottles, plastic barrels, woven bags, fishing nets and so on.

          We will produce whatever customers need. Customers need equipment with novel technology and cheap price? We will continue to focus on improvement and product upgrading, and the price will always maintain "one is also the wholesale price" Let's benefit customers. We all know that it's not easy for all walks of life at the beginning. Try to let you spend less money or don't spend wronged money. As a buyer of plastic shredder, you make money, which is our expectation.

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