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        • E-waste recycling solutions

          E-waste is the waste with rapid growth in output in the world. In recent years, China has entered the peak period of household appliance scrapping. Moreover, according to statistics, 70% of e-waste from various countries will flow into China every year. The specialized disposal of electronic waste is a gold mine: in one computer, steel accounts for about 54%, copper and aluminum 20%, plastics 17% and other non-ferrous metals 10%; One ton of waste circuit board can separate about 85.5kg copper, 0.5kg gold and 20kg tin. The cost of e-waste treatment is far lower than that of mining. It is a win-win industry to turn waste into treasure.

          Electronic waste crushing system

          China's e-waste treatment mainly depends on the disassembly and reprocessing of manual workshops, which is very inefficient and can not make full use of recyclable resources. According to this market trend, Yuzhuo has developed an e-waste crusher, which can adjust and adapt to any different e-waste crushing. If you need e-waste treatment, please ask our engineers to select the appropriate type of crusher for you, or design a complete e-waste recycling system.

          Yuzhuo also provides customers with confidential document destruction equipment. We provide crushing equipment for customs, Archives Bureau and confidential destruction center to destroy the stored information of electronic equipment, which is silent, safe and stable.

          Application of Yuzhuo electronic waste crusher:

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