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        • Vegetable market (fruit and vegetable) waste crushing

          Garbage disposal problems in vegetable market (fruits and vegetables):

          Arbitrarily discarded, perishable and smelly, high moisture content, low calorific value and difficult to dispose of.

          Yuzhuo mechanical solution:

          One stop conveyor + iron separator + crusher + conveyor + dehydrator + conveyor to reduce waste. After crushing and dehydration, materials can be composted in the next step.

          Resource utilization:

          ① Organic matter into organic fertilizer

          ② Organic waste liquid can be made into deodorization and flocculant


          ① Improve landfill utilization

          ② Improve the appearance of the city


          ① Sales of organic fertilizer to increase revenue

          ② Reduce transportation costs

          Characteristics of crushing treatment system

          ※ European imported cutting tools, broken metal does not break.

          ※ for some materials with smooth surface and large volume, a forced feeding system is equipped to effectively improve the crushing output.

          ※ the bearing has four seals, which is suitable for complex working conditions.

          ※ Siemens PLC automatic control to realize overload protection.

          ※ high configuration of motor reducer and electrical components to ensure the stable operation of the crusher.

          ※ conveying by conveyor to reduce labor intensity.

          ※ shear crushing to reduce noise and dust.

          ※ single screw dehydrator to improve output and dehydration rate.

          ※ self unloading iron remover to realize automatic iron removal.

          ※ centralized automatic control, safe and simple operation.

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