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        • Yuzhuo listens to the needs and creates value for users

          Yuzhuo has a professional after-sales service team to provide customers with responsible and reliable service. Yuzhuo's customer service work is mainly divided into three stages
          Discussion and design of pre-sale scheme
          Production tracking, installation and commissioning
          After sales service and maintenance

          Service system and after sales

          Yuzhuo factory has a large number of common equipment accessories and vulnerable parts, including knives, screens, belts, bearings, etc. Ensure that the equipment is sent when users need it, so as to avoid equipment idling or reducing production capacity due to untimely provision of accessories. The equipment components are made of imported materials and reliable brands, with high quality and good interchangeability.
          Yuzhuo discusses appropriate solutions with customers according to their actual crushing or processing needs; At the same time, Yuzhuo's engineer team will select the equipment model for you, test the crushing effect, ensure the combination of our equipment and on-site layout, create value and let you rest assured.
          Discuss design solutions with customers
          Yuzhuo has special production coordination personnel and quality inspection personnel to be responsible for the whole field tracking of product material assembly, shorten the production cycle as far as possible while ensuring product quality, and report the production situation to customers in time in case of accidents. Yuzhuo sends technicians to carry out installation and commissioning at the customer's site to assist the customer in designing and implementing the construction scheme. Yuzhuo will ensure that each machine can operate normally and has a perfect production line.
          Production tracking, installation and commissioning
          Yuzhuo provides free operation and maintenance training for customer personnel to guide your workers how to use coating and welding repair technology to reduce maintenance costs. In case of any abnormal condition of the machine, Yuzhuo's technical team will immediately analyze and provide solutions. If necessary, Yuzhuo will arrange technicians to quickly arrive at the site to solve the problem and try to avoid the loss of customers.
          After sales service and maintenance
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